Delivery start on October 27th!

Before we left, of course, a planning meeting was scheduled, in a Konoba with grilled fish and locally typical wine. Of all this, there is not much to see here, because we wanted to work very thoroughly from the beginning ??
October 27
After the last preparations by the Pitter team, it was time to launch and set off for the transfer! Weather conditions were as follows: blue sky, sunshine, and strong-gusty wind from NE with 20 to 25 knots. Even if these circumstances were not really rough, they gave enough reason to unpack the slicker and reduce the sail area. After this successful start, it was time for the Ship's baptism and this time a sparkling maneuver tost.

Our first destination was Molat, a small island about 36 nautical miles away with a very idyllic village. At a dreamlike sunset, Peter prepared a sensational dinner in our Pantry.

October 28
At initial moderate winds, we found ourselves under the previous day's conditions: reefed main sail and heavy gusts, typical of the Bora. We therefore postponed our ambitious target to reach Pula and docked in Unije, a village with 85 inhabitants and a restaurant open only during the summer season. A repair was to be carried out at one of the mast spreaders, a great opportunity for a photo of the stunning sunset.

October 29
Departure at 06:10 was crisp, because it was dark and cold. However, we have not had any other chance and the arrival of a supply ship was announced to happen at 06:40. So it was time to get rid of the lines early and launch into another great day.

The sunrise was an impressive natural spectacle and paying back all the pain of getting up so early. In the middle of the crossing over the Kvarner dolphins visited us and swam besides the boat.

[wpvideo ZHmVLKEI]
[wpvideo L6DCelbQ]
In the early afternoon and around 60 nautical miles later, we had reached Novigrad. In addition to a dreamy harbour, this town also offers some nice shops to look for local specialties. My highlight is really the restaurant "Marina." This is why I dedicated another blog entry to this great place.

October 30
From Novigrad it was 24 nautical miles to reach the entrance of the lagoon near Lignano. So, with blue skies and sunshine, we made our way—this time without wind and at 16:00 pm Aprilia Maritima was reached. Thank you for the successful, timely, and safe crossing!

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