Premuda is a Croatian island in the archipelago of the northern Dalmatian islands, which are upstream of Zadar. It is about 10 km long and up to 1 km wide. Actually, we were on our way to Molat, but the turquoise-blue, crystal-clear water somehow magically attracted us and brought us here. I found a nice video about the island!
According to the Internet entry there is only one  island with the same name and in winter around 50 people live there. There used to be sheep breeding, wine, and olive cultivation, but this seems to have a more historical character. There are actually only more feral remnants of a vineyard and supposedly the former shepherd of the flock of sheep has suddenly disappeared years ago—one thinks he was drowned.

Descendants of his flock can still be seen roaming wildly on the island today. In short, here too, we are increasingly concerned with tourism.
The "Katedrala" is very popular with divers. It is a cave system in which the ceiling is porous, which creates magical light games.
We enjoyed swimming in the bay protected by a reef and we explored the place by land. There are two/three inns next to a small supermarket and of course you can also rent apartments.

After the restaurants of the port we found a small family business, the "Grill Grmalj," traditionally cooked over the charcoal grill. We were absolutely thrilled and the shady dining room offered us a great place to escape the midday heat.

Here, the herbs grow in our own garden and the vegetables come from the neighbour. The cuttlefish releases were self-imprisoned, as we were proudly told!


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