If the top ten of the most beautiful beaches and bays of Croatia are listed, then Sakarun is always at the top. In the bay, there are buoys which are placed in quite reasonable distances to each other. In between, however, yachts are always anchored and so it is not easy to leave the Schwojradius 100% free.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to come here. The water is clear and due to the seabed there's almost Caribbean light. Butterflies abound on fragrant shrubs. There are some beach bars and so the relaxation is really easy. You can find a restaurant in vain; snacks are available at the bars in good quality.

Here is a drone video of Otok Dugi, Stayings Sakarun.

Pizzeria Galeb und Marina Veli Rat –

Saturday September 29th, 2018

[…] unserer Lieblingsinseln, vor allem, weil sie so viele unterschiedliche Gesichter hat. Die Bucht von Sakarun und Bozava hatten wir schon erkundet, ebenso wie die verschiedenen Bunker und Tunnel. Heuer hatten […]

Pizzeria Galeb and Marina Veli Rat –

Friday October 19th, 2018

[…] one of our favourite islands, especially because it has so many different faces. We had already explored the Bay of Sakarun and Bozava, as well as the various bunkers and tunnels. This year we had […]

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