The eternal fight against mold – new mattresses on board!

Since buying the Five Senses a year ago, I hadn't dared to look under the cover of our old foam mattresses. And when I did, a result that was not too surprising came to light: mold stains. The cores were inherently quite thin and, of course, had become heavily used and sagged over time.

There are all possible manufacturers of custom-made mattresses for use on ships. And in addition to lying comfort, ventilation and breathability are of course part of the quality requirements.

Since we're talking about custom-made work, handwork and high demands on the material, the prices are of course astronomical. The square meter costs around 500 euros. With 8 berths with a total area of ​​approx. 12 square meters, an estimated investment volume of € 6,000. It is worth looking for alternatives. And I found it!

The Austrian manufacturer Elastica offers high quality mattresses of all kinds. Two things were decisive for us: flawless cold foam technology and special attention to breathable cover materials.

Why cold foam? - Quite simply: innerspring mattresses cannot really be cut to size and I don't even know how metal would hold up in this damp environment. Pocket spring core would possibly go with a lot of effort - but cold foam offers very good lying comfort, is well ventilated with incisions on the surface and is therefore the material of choice. Elastica even offers individual models for women and men, which are designed differently depending on the pelvic or shoulder area.

For around 300-400 euros per mattress, 7-zone mattresses can be delivered free of charge via Amazon. Elastica offers covers made from the newly developed Tencel® fiber, a Lyocell fiber from Lenzing. It is of botanical origin and is obtained from the raw material wood in an environmentally friendly way. Tencel® double cloth is used. This guarantees high breathability and moisture absorption. The cover is quilted with 350 g / m2 climate fiber, removable, divisible and washable up to 60 ° C. Yeah So exactly what I was looking for.

The "Brühwasser" tailor shop is just around the corner from Elastica, but ordering via Amazon was cheaper than on-site in the factory outlet. Esther and Günter Brühwasser can individually cut and adjust foam mattresses up to 30 cm thick, the cover is simply sewn to the new dimensions. There are still costs for each mattress due to this work, but this still results in a saving of around 50% compared to the other providers. If you are a bit flexible in terms of time, Günter Brühwasser delivers the tailor-made pieces directly to the marina and this service is really worth gold.
From this winter onwards there will be completely new sleeping pleasure on board, in all berths!

Foto Credit: Günther Brühwasser

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