In bright sunshine we visited the five senses in Aprilia Marittima. A great opportunity to start a small flight with the drone. Besides, there were a lot of details to discuss with our craftsmen, after all, a further 230v circuit is being worked on, some electronics are being replaced and the water system also receives a few upgrades (land connection, high-flow water pump, water connection at Front deck).


The electricity distributor has probably suffered in recent years. So some old damage came to light. A good reason to install a new distribution box and rearrange the copper cables. The FI has also been renewed and the 32A is now designed for high power connections.

The underwater ship is further rehabilitated. To maintain value and improve performance, a new osmosis protection is applied with epoxy before the new anti-fouling is coated. The keel was also inspected and refilled and painted. After grinding the upper layers of painting, two holes in the rudder blade were visible. The laminate was already destroyed in deep layers and the damaged parts must be cut out to install new material.

The entire work surface has already been sanded down and the underwater ship is ready for further work. The rudder blade must dry out thoroughly until the restoration can be continued.

You can see the final result here.

Start der Saison 2019

Sunday February 17th, 2019

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