Our previous dinghy was simply too small for the us as a crew of five. Shuttling back and forth between the boat and the landing spot was fun for the boys, but especially with guests on board, there were considerable waiting times and comfort and safety were limited. So Luis and I used the "Boot 2018" fair to get an overview of inflatables. Specifications we looked for were:

  • Robust, high-quality workmanship and durable materials
  • Carrying at least five people
  • Registered for usage with an outboard of 10-20 HP
  • Inflatable inner floor for optimal storage

After a detailed study of the models on display, we chose the Talamex HLA 300. We found it to be particularly suitable because it scores points for its low empty weight (40 kg) with a payload of 700 kg. It is made of high quality materials and we also found the optics to be optimally suited to our blue hull. The manufacturer recommend an engine up to 15 HP. Many little extras such as pressure relief valve, inflatable V-keel, numerous loops, spray bar and a chafe protection on the bottom of the float are additional extras.


We bought the boat from "Nippgen Bootbeschläge und Zubehör", one of the exhibitors at the "Boot". Both the advice and the service during shipping were 100% correct for me - many thanks at this point. The lettering comes from www.klebefisch.de. It did not last very long, so I had to replace it after three seasons.

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