Osmosis protection – Underwater paint refit

The hull of the five senses was exposed to the sea water for 14 years now and it was time to get all the paint off and do some renovation work. Not that there was anything wrong, there were just countless layers of anti-fouling on the Gelcoat and the surface was correspondingly rough and uneven. This causes quite some turbulence in the water and slows down speed considerably. Furthermore, I wanted to restore the osmosis-prophylaxis to maintain the value of the boat and prevent any damage.

So we had to houl-out, sand all old paint off, perform a thorough check of the keel, outlets and rudder blade and then build up the new color. The rudder blade showed some damage and had to dry first before any restoration and paint job could be started. Metal rods were mounted in front of the bow thruster tunnel. Maybe, in order to prevent the accidental suction of any material, like docking lines during docking maneuvers. But my professionals advised me to remove them. They thought that vibrations could loosen the screws and would then create small leaks. And as I fully trust those guys, I decided not to re-install the metal gear. I thought the risk is pretty minimal.

Before the new paint came on, two layers of Gelshield from international were applied, also as a primer. Luckily, it is possible to work with this chemical even at low temperatures. Otherwise the works would hardly have progressed in this year's weather: both Venice and Split saw the first snow for many years.

We were discouraged from white paint because they do not have sufficient protection from vegetation in the lagoon waters of the upper Adriatic. So we decided to look for black.

The prop also received a new coat of paint. Previously, I checked the condition of the anodes and the lubrication. After having been in the water for half a year, no further work was necessary. All green!


Sunday March 11th, 2018

…das Ruderblatt hätte ich wohl ausgetauscht oder mal aufgeschnitten…. schaut ja übel aus…


Sunday March 11th, 2018

Ja, den Gedanken hatte ich ehrlich auch schon. Ich werde mich mal schlau machen und die Ruderanlage einem Generalservice unterziehen…


Sunday March 11th, 2018


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