Upgrades for our coolers and installation of a freezer!

Five senses has a total of three boxes and a stowage compartment in the cockpit table. The refrigeration unit under the gas cooker performed heavy work especially on hot days with its air cooling, and the performance was mainly due to the frequent opening of the lid at the limit of the possible. All this is good to manage, but especially at night the fan of the cooling was annoying us enormously. So we decided to do some upgrades before the 2018 season:

  • Change to water cooling
  • Upgrading a cooler as a freezer
  • Connection of the units to the 230v power supply, so that they could also be used with the availability of the current

This should lead to much better cooling performance and elimination of the Ventilatorlärms. I do not need to emphasize that there were also numerous ideas of the five Senses crew for the use of the freezer: ice cream, ice cubes for drinks, storage of fish, etc.
At the heart of the project were the heat exchangers on the side of the ship:

These heat exchangers are not overcoated with paint and have two small and circular zinc anodes each. Here I have found you a link that shows the structure of this Wäremetauscher.
Inside are now a Frigomatic K50 and for the 230v AC/12-24 V DC functionality, an additional electronic component has been used. The evaporator for the freezer covers all four walls and encloses the frozen food. I am already very curious about the performance of this part. The insulation of the boxes was luckily OK and the installation was very without complications. The result is sensational in my view! No Ventilatorgeräusch, super cooling power and a freezer! Juhuuuu...

Eataly Triest – FiveSenses.live

Monday April 2nd, 2018

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