Last year in Porec we were with a super yacht directly at the pier of the city centre and by their underwater lighting you could see the ribs jellyfish in the water dance. It was a captivating spectacle and encouraged me to have underwater headlights built in my plan, which had been cherished for some time.
It was important to me to find a model that didn't need a huge hole in the boat body. I also wanted to find a really sturdy casing made of metal and was skeptical about plastic in this respect. Good luminosity due to led and dimmability were further criteria. Of more coloured solutions was discouraged because of the loss of light output.
Therefore much my choice on SeaBlaze x from Lumitec. Here you can see them just installed behind the rudder blade and I'm already crazy curious about the first missions in Croatia's crystal clear water.

Aprilia Marittima – Grado – Muggia – Triest und zurück –

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018

[…] dieser Winterpause hatte ich UW-Scheinwerfer installieren lassen und im klaren (aber leider trotzdem stark verschmutzten) Wasser in Triest […]

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