Wartung und Sicherheit der Gasanlage

Propan/Butan gas on board ensures independence from other energy sources and supplies our stove and oven on Five Senses. Maintenance and flawless operation are essential for survival, because a leaky gas system can easily lead to disaster. And we want to use our marine cooker often and safely!

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This means that all hoses have been replaced this year and at sea they must be replaced again from 2023. The gas bottles are regularly purchased from authorized dealers and in the course of this I check the next due maintenance date for the pressure container.

Every time I open the outer valve on the bottle, I check the tightness of the connection with a special spray. This leak detection spray is available in many versions, very cheap and especially both online and in any hardware store.
Good seamanship naturally also includes the conscious handling of gas on board, including the maintenance of the gas drain from the storage box, the reliable closing of the gas taps after use and the intended use of the consumer.

After the gas bottles have been stored as far away as possible from the crew (all relatively on a ship), the location is on the outside at the cockpit. We can operate the main valve using a remote switch and this is a little piece of luxury that I would be happy to recommend. So you don't have to leave the cozy salon to open the gas supply in all weathers. Hopefully we never need fire extinguishers and fire blankets!

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Thursday May 31st, 2018

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Thursday May 31st, 2018

Ähm, und wessen Boot habt ihr da zu Anschauungszwecken in die Luft gehen lassen? 😉 Andi


Thursday May 31st, 2018

Die hatten unerlaubt in unserem Stellplatz geparkt 😉

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Thursday May 31st, 2018

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Tuesday October 30th, 2018

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