Snorkeling at the wreck at the north tip of Dugi Otok

N 44 ° 10.136 ' E 014 ° 48.732 '.
In the year 1984, an Italian freighter ran aground at the far north tip of the Dalmatian Island Dugi Otok. It sank after after hitting the rocky ground in a depth not more than 4-5 meters. There are of course all sorts of speculations about the cause and till today it has not been clarified what exactly happened.
Many years ago, the hull with the loading cranes could still be seen. Today, only a few metal parts protrude over the surface of the water.
Advantageously, the water depth here is quite consistent, so that you can approach the wreck safely. The sea bottom is good for anchoring and you can do a relaxed snorkel tour. The best way to approach the wreck is from the north, but you can also anchor well staying south of the wreck.

Luckily, we arrived quite early and right before other boats came to this amazing spot. However, we had to notice that, around 11.00 a.m., countless boats popped up and within a few minutes we were nearly involved in two collisions with other sailboats whose crew had badly ignored any rules of good seamanship. Our conclusion: come early and enjoy the tranquility before all that craziness starts.

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