The three bays of the island of Unije

Unije is a small island south of Kvarner and one of the most popular destinations of our family. Mostly, we stay in one of the three large bays in the east of the Island. It is wonderfully quiet and protected there and it's great to swim in the crystal clear water. This year we could also admire the Perseids shower and we were fascinated by the sight of the starry sky.


Milky Way photographed from the boat

The southernmost and largest bay is called Maracol. Buoys and attached mooring lines are available. The system makes sense in itself: as soon as you have fixed the bow, you attach an aft mooring line to your boat fixing it to an underwater concrete block. Boat movements are kept to a minimum and the entire setup is really safe. Unfortunately, the distances of the concrete blocks are rather small and, for boats from 15 meters in length, the mooring is always a bit of a torment. In a bit more heavy weather, the mooring is more of an adventure due to the small distances between the Boats. If present, the cashier will be happy to help. Rubbish can be handed over to the local staff, but there is no waste separation or recycling.
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You can reach the West Bank of the bay with the dingy and then follow a gravel path over a hill into the village. There is a small supermarket and some restaurants. Very well known is Cod Joze because it offers a great view of the sunset and the pier.


Leonie entered the mast and enjoyed the great view over the bay

The two bays slightly further north of Maracol are just as deep in the coast and offer good protection as well. In the middle bay, Podkujni, there are also buoys. They have a "conventional" setup, which allows the boat to move. This makes docking a bit easier when the wind is blowing. You can drive over to the other bay with your dinghy, even if it will take a while, depending of course on the strength of your outboard. You will pass a sunken pedalo and might find it is fun to explore this "wreck" with simple snorkeling gear.
The northernmost of the three bays bears the name Vognišća and has no buoys.
[wpvideo sJIVEhHa]


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