72 hours in the North Adriatic Sea: Triest, Piran, Aprilia Marittima


Port calls: Aprilia Maritiima - Triest - Piran

Days cruised: 3

Difficulty of sailing route: suistable for beginners

Timeplan: relaxed

Self-sufficiency needs: 1 day, daily port calls with good infrastructure




We sailed much more often to Croatia last year. However, the lengthy entry procedure, nonobservance of the port Captain's opening hours, increased charges, and the sometimes grumpy behaviour of port officials or border police have tarnished the joy and holiday feeling. So we saved our entry and exit to Croatia to the longer stays and steered towards the Italian and Slovenian Coast for shorter trips.

The journey to Trieste was as exciting as it was diverse. In terms of wind we had nearly everything starting with a light breeze and easy sailing under code zero and a very lively breeze with 4-5 wind Beaufort, all well within the range allowing a lot of fun. It is not worth mentioning that the strongest wind just started to blow, when we were about to dock. But our guests proved to be natural talents and the landing was completely unproblematic.

The overnight stay in the Marina San Giusto has become a tradition and, thanks to the record keeping at their reception, we now receive a regular customer discount. We also visited the Eataly again to reward ourselves with this culinary and shopping adventure once again.


Blick aus dem Fenster des Eataly

During this short cruise the highlight was definitely Piran. Just to be on the safe side and not believing things could be straight forward and easy, I asked the port captain about entry formalities and he just smiled mildly to then say: "That's only necessary in Croatia," a good start, I thought. The children loved the access to the sea just across a small walk way away from our dock. The waves splashed almost to the restaurant line and the kids enjoyed playing around and making fun of the water and spray.

The town presents itself with numerous historical buildings and alleys. The former Venetian influence is not to be denied in the Cityscape. I can only recommend a little stroll, an ice cream, or a coffee in the town square or a stop-over in one of the scenic restaurants.

As a consequence of the size of this little town, one should take care of reserving a table, and I wish we would have done so. Finding a nice spot for the nine of us then was not easy at all. For those coming to Piran, my tip is still the Neptune. They have the best tomato soup I've ever had, and the other specialities are amazing as well.

Icing on the cake: Moritz celebrated birthday on the boat! Happy birthday!

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