Marano Lagunare – Lagoon town in a nature park


Marano Lagunare, often referred to as a "small fishing village," is actually a small town with a fishing port and belongs to the province of Udine. Founded as a legion city, it was conquered by Venice and the buildings created under this influence are well preserved in the city centre and often very lovingly restored. A small piece of city wall was preserved, otherwise, only the city centre is reminiscent of the former fortress of the Patriarch and Venice.

Cistern Fountain
The centre of Marano is the main square and called "Granda." It is named after King Emanuele II of Italy. There are two cistern fountains here. In addition, from here the landmark of Marano the "Torre Millenaria," in English the thousand-year-old tower, thrones over the houses. It is five floors, or 32 meters high. It is said that its construction was commissioned by Popen, the patriarch from Aquileia in 1031, but written evidence of this is missing.
The millennial tower
Next to the tower (pictured right), there is the 15th century "Loggia Comunale," a typical building in cities under the rule of the Republic of Venice. You can see the Venetian archways on the bright, almost white building, next to the tower. One could easily confuse it with a church, but in fact it is the former center of the economic and political life of the fortress. The Palazzo dei Provveditori is also located just off the Granda. It was built immediately after Marano's annexation to Venice and served as a seat of government.

We reached Marano through a passage way through the lagoon. We passed fishing huts and fishermen and enjoyed the rich wildlife around us. As the waterway follows an old river course, one approaches the current fishing port rather laboriously and meanderously instead of driving straight ahead. The driving channel can be pretty and sometimes shows water depths under one meter. With appropriate caution, good view of the deep sounder and best at an incoming tide, the driveway is safe and fun to do.

Right next to the city is a nature reserve and part of the lagoon can be explored here on foot. One finds, among other things, a small wooden hut to observe the birdlife.

Overall a really rewarding excursion and even if we got stuck in the mud on the drive home and thus came back into the marina in deep darkness and fog it was a very nice experience.

Andrea Breschan-Gutounig

Monday November 26th, 2018

können dein Erlebnis nur unterstreichen; fanden wir genauso schön !

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