Venice and its sourounding islands


Port calls: Aprilia Maritiima- Venice - Aprilia Marittima

Days cruised: 3

Difficulty of sailing route: suitable for beginners

Timeplan: relaxed

Self-sufficiency needs: daysail



There are around 45 nautical miles to sail from Aprilia Marittima to Venice - an ideal daily route when the wind is good. The trip leads past Caorle, Bibione and several fish and mussel farms, which are characterized by numerous tons and buoys. Except for a few recreational athletes like us and maybe a few fishermen, there are few other ships at this time of year. Major shipping in particular has no destinations here and is therefore hard to find as close to the mainland. Everything is different right in front of Venice, apart from cruise ships, there are also tankers and freighters to be seen here.
For this year's Easter trip, we planned to test and calibrate the newly installed instruments including the autopilot together with a REBO technician. Only then did we set off in the sunshine, but unfortunately no wind to the south. So we motorized the entire route, which gave at least a constant speed of 6.5 knots. We used the time to test our new cockpit pillows, to cook, to take photos and I practiced using the radar.

Shortly before we arrived in Venice, I called Marina Sant'Elena to inquire about a berth. Fortunately there was a space available and we were asked to report via VHF channel 77 shortly before arrival. So it passed the mighty Moses Project and Forte Sant'Andrea, a 16th century fortress.

After it was quite late in the afternoon, we moved the route over the Canale Guidecca and past St. Mark's Square to the day of departure and moored in the marina. Here, as is customary in the Adriatic, Roman Catholic (with the stern to the jetty) is moored. The marina is equipped with floating docks and large dolphins. Nothing witchcraft. The actual shower cubicles and toilets are still not finished. There is a provisional in containers and that is bad rather than in good shape.

The next morning we took the vaporetto to the island of Burano, one of the neighboring islands of Venice. This place is known and famous for its colorful houses. We got off a station in front of the ferry terminal and discovered a small hotel restaurant with a wonderful garden, right next to the jetty. Herbs smell here and wine thrives in incredible silence and tranquility.

As soon as you pass the ferry terminal, you dive into a lively pedestrian zone. The splendor of colors is really indescribable and despite the fact that we strolled through the alleys and streets here alone, this was as varied as it was nice.

The next stop on our island hopping tour was Torcello. If you are looking for magnificent palazzi, villas or Burano's colors, you are completely at the wrong steamer. Historians assume that Venice began to settle here around 452, but today nothing is left of the glory of the old days. Probably, within the framework of the "move" to Venice, everything that was somehow possible was really recycled. After stones and even timber in the Laguno were rare and therefore precious, everything was taken away and used for the construction of Venice - so the historical theory. There is no evidence of this, however. Today there is still a tower and a cathedral to visit.

Two of the few remaining houses dominate excellent restaurants, and with another Heuriger-like eatery and evening bar, almost all of the island's buildings are listed. We enjoyed nature, tranquility and the excellent cuisine.

At the end of our day trip Murano was still on the program. If you want to watch the glassblowers at the large ovens, you are too late with the procedure described here. Then you should visit Murano in the morning. We, on the other hand, enjoyed an afternoon coffee in one of the numerous ice cream parlors and strolled through Murano's alleys and tasted in front of the glass artists' shop windows.

Back in the marina, a small kiosk had started operating. In addition to Aperol, there were the usual Italian drinks and warm snacks. Perfect to end the day!

We didn't want to leave without visiting the center of Venice. Despite the expected mass rush of visitors, we dared to walk towards St. Mark's Square. While there was actually a lot going on up to the Rialto Bridge and there was hardly any room to breathe, things got quieter after the train station. To relax, we booked a gondola ride through the artist district "Accademia" and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the long belt.


Since we only know a few good restaurants in Venice that also offer quality at reasonable prices, we have remained true to the "Osteria Al Ponte". There are local specialties with friendly and brisk service, and not cheap, but not outrageously expensive either.

Our tour of Venice then ended in the marina. At dusk was the best time to try the lensball and check the weather for the next day. We reached the entrance to the Laguna of Lignano at dusk and the children used the great play of colors to take pictures on deck.

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