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First time sailing?

  • access_time Jul 6, 2020

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Venice and its sourounding islands

  • access_time May 12, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] <h2 style="text-align: center;">Overview</h2> <strong>Port calls: </strong>Aprilia Maritiima- Venice - Aprilia Marittima <strong>Days cruised: </strong>3 <strong>Difficulty of sailing route:</strong> suitable for beginners <strong>Timeplan:</strong> relaxed <strong>Self-sufficiency needs:</strong> daysail <h2></h2> [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_spac

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Decalcifying the water system with citric acid

  • access_time May 1, 2019

Five Senses was built in 2004 and we sailed her since 2016. Since then, we uprgraded our water pump to a higher flow device, we installed an additional water outlet at the front of the deck, a land-water connection has been build at the stern and of course we try to keep the tanks and … Continue reading Decalcifying the water system with citric acid

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The end of the PDLC project

  • access_time Mar 31, 2019

This is how the PDLC film looks after a few winter months. I had installed it back in December. The film is totally stiff, it does not adhere to the plexi-glass bottom any more. Not sure if the extreme of temperatures destroyed is, or, if the UV-rays damaged the various layers of film. In any … Continue reading The end of the PDLC project

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Comparison of various energy sources

  • access_time Mar 3, 2019

On Five Senses, the main source of energy so far has been the shore power connection. While cruising, I had relied on the alternator of the ship’s diesel as an additioal source. What a mistake! Equipped with lead acid batteries (4 x 100 Ah), the alternator only fed in electricity for a few hours a … Continue reading Comparison of various energy sources

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How to calculate power consumption on a sail-boat

  • access_time Feb 17, 2019

Before deciding about your prefered way of storing electricity on board, a few things need to be considered: you have to estimate your power consumption and therefore know the necessary storage capacity. You have to know the specifications of your power sources such as how much power is provided, for how long they are available … Continue reading How to calculate power consumption on a sail-boat

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Start der Saison 2019

  • access_time Feb 16, 2019

We bought Five Senses June 2016 to then pick her up in Croatia the following October. Since then she has found a new home in the Marina Punta Gabbiani in Italy. I truly believe that with a boat it is the same as with a home on land: first you need to discover and put … Continue reading Start der Saison 2019

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Brijuni National Park – Safari Adventure in Croatia

  • access_time Jan 25, 2019

No, this photo has not been taken during a Safari in Africa, it is indeed showing a Zebra feeding on the island of Brijuni. This piece of land is part of the Brijuni Islands formed by a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea. The largest island, Veliki … Continue reading Brijuni National Park – Safari Adventure in Croatia

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Covering our companion way hatch with smart film

  • access_time Jan 20, 2019

  Being moored in the marina with the stern to the dock is super convenient for getting on and from the boat. However, especially at night time with the salon iluminated, privacy can be an issue if you have a transparent door hatch for your companion way. And this is what we have on Five … Continue reading Covering our companion way hatch with smart film

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Einbau Klimaanlage

  • access_time Dec 1, 2018

Seit dem Kauf unserer Five Senses habe ich nun schon einige Verbesserungen vorgenommen: Rigg Upgrade, neue Segel, das Unterwasser-Schiff wurde saniert, den Propeller habe ich gewechselt, neue Elektronik hat Einzug gehalten, wir haben ein Radar an Bord, das Holzdeck musste vollkommen erneuert werden usw., usw. – Bisher hat meine Crew das entweder mit Schulterzucken zur … Continue reading Einbau Klimaanlage

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Marano Lagunare – Lagoon town in a nature park

  • access_time Nov 22, 2018

  Marano Lagunare, often referred to as a “small fishing village,” is actually a small town with a fishing port and belongs to the province of Udine. Founded as a legion city, it was conquered by Venice and the buildings created under this influence are well preserved in the city centre and often very lovingly … Continue reading Marano Lagunare – Lagoon town in a nature park

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380 Nautical miles: Aprilia Marittima – Kornati National Park – return

  • access_time Nov 1, 2018

Logbook   Day 1 – 8. August 2018 On 7th of August, Ed Sheeran performed in Vienna and my daughter Leonie had to go there. So the holiday start was postponed and we drove on the 8th. From Vienna to Lignano, it ususally takes us around 5 hours. I had to consider the following: the … Continue reading 380 Nautical miles: Aprilia Marittima – Kornati National Park – return

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