Decalcifying the water system with citric acid

Five Senses was built in 2004 and we sailed her since 2016. Since then, we uprgraded our water pump to a higher flow device, we installed an additional water outlet at the front of the deck, a land-water connection has... Continue Reading →


The End of the PDLC Story

This is how the smart film cover looks like after a few winter months. I had installed it back in December. The film has become stiff, and the adhesion does no longer seems to work. Whether it was the temperature... Continue Reading →

New source of energy for our boat: Solar panels

So far our main source of energy was the landline. While cruising, we used our engine to charge our batteries. What a mistake! We are equipped with 4 x 100 Ah lead-acid batteries and the generator attached to our ship-diesel... Continue Reading →

Start of Saison 2019

We bought Five Senses June 2016 to then pick her up in Croatia the following October. Since then she has found a new home in the Marina Punta Gabbiani in Italy. I truly believe that with a boat it is... Continue Reading →

Light wind sail to Grado and an inspection from the coast-guard via helicopter

We love sailing in Italy because it gives us the perfect mixture between having fun on the water and also enjoying Italian lifestyle. Last spring, we decided to enjoy a weekend in Grado to inhale exactly that mixture deeply to... Continue Reading →

Brijuni Island, Croatia

No, this photo has not been taken during a Safari in Africa, it is indeed showing a Zebra feeding on the island of Brijuni. This piece of land is part of the Brijuni Islands formed by a group of fourteen... Continue Reading →

Covering our companion way hatch board with smart film

Being moored in the marina with the stern to the dock is super convenient for getting on and from the boat. However, especially at night time with the salon iluminated, privacy can be an issue if you have a transparent... Continue Reading →

Installation of air conditioners

Since the purchase of Five Senses I have undertaken some improvements: Rigg upgrade, new sails, the underwater paint has been renovated, I have changed the propeller, new electronics have been installed, we have a radar on board, the wooden deck... Continue Reading →

Marano Lagunare – Lagoon town in a nature park

Marano Lagunare, often referred to as a "small fishing village," is actually a small town with a fishing port and belongs to the province of Udine. Founded as a legion city, it was conquered by Venice and the buildings created... Continue Reading →

Autumn weekend

There were really great sailing conditions: Wind blowing constantly from north-east with about 10-15 knots, good visibility and we cruised with full sails through the relatively calm sea. According to Plotter, we sailed with around 6-7 knots and I totally... Continue Reading →

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