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Leadership Toolbox

Great leaders possess a versatile array of leadership tools and styles, allowing them to adeptly select and authentically employ the most effective approach for any given challenge.

High-performance teams

Strategies to Success

Intensive 2-day training program designed to equip leaders with essential skills to build and lead high-performance teams.

Participants will focus on defining their authentic leadership style, expectation- and goal setting, dealing with low performance and difficult team members as well as challenging leadership situations.

Leaders will leave with actionable strategies and tools at hand to enhance team performance and drive organizational success.

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Adaptive Leadership

Needs-Based Leadership Styles

This 2-day training program focuses on teaching leaders how to assess the proficiency levels of their team members and adapt their leadership style accordingly.

By the end of the course, leaders will be equipped with the skills to tailor their personal leadership style to address different leadership challenges, ensuring they can lead their teams more effectively and responsively.

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Modern leadership communication

Effective Communication Styles for Leaders

Our two-day training program on leadership communication is designed to help leaders understand and navigate diverse communication styles and needs. 

Participants will learn how to identify their own personality and communication style, as well as those of others. 

By the end of the course, leaders will have gained insights into their communication preferences and developed the ability to adapt their style to effectively meet the needs of their team members, superiors or negotiation counterparts.

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Leadership transition workshop

Navigating uncharted territory

This workshop is designed to support teams and individuals as they plan and execute change projects.

Participants will conduct a SWOT analysis to understand their individual and organizational change challenge, agree on the pace of change, develop a strategic 3-month plan, and identify quick wins. Special emphasis will be placed on creating a psychologically safe environment for their teams and strategies for retaining key talent during transitions.

After these 2 days on board, participants have developed their plan and know their first steps to steer clear from the foggy unknown. 

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New Leader Integration Workshop

Team Bonding and kick-off

This immersive workshop is designed to foster strong bonds within newly formed teams and facilitate the seamless integration of new leaders.

Team members will have the opportunity to spend quality time together, support each other through various situations, and connect on a deeper level.

By the end of the workshop, team members will have developed a strong sense of camaraderie and a clear understanding of their collective goals, setting the stage for a successful and cohesive leadership journey.

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Navigating Leadership

First-Time Leaders Sailing Expedition

Embark on a transformative journey designed specifically for first-time leaders aboard a sailboat. 

Participants will learn to navigate the complexities of leadership by using their own values and by developing critical skills such as decision-making, teamwork, and self-care.

After this course leaders will be ready to navigate the challenges of their new roles with confidence and competence.

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