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Modern Leadership and Communication

Effective communication styles for leaders

Modern Leadership and Communication Training: Enhance Your Executive Skills

In today’s dynamic business environment, effective leadership and communication are essential for organizational success. Our modern leadership and communication training program is designed to equip executives with the skills needed to lead with confidence and foster open communication. Through a blend of leadership development programs, executive coaching, and strategic communication training, we help leaders at all levels unlock their full potential.

Leadership Tools you will learn and practise:

Why Choose Our Leadership Development Program?

Our leadership development program focuses on building core leadership competencies. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises that are close to real-world challenges. By the end of the program, you have not only listened or learned, you have practised and experienced for hand in a safe environment.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Personalized leadership coaching is a key component of our training. Our senior coaches provide one-on-one guidance, either on water or also on land. As leadership development is closely connected with personal development you will experience a confidential safe space for your individual growth.

Transform Your Organization with Corporate Leadership Training

Our high-performance leadership workshops are designed to address the unique challenges faced by your organization, ensuring that your leaders are well-prepared to drive growth and innovation. Through our trainings leadershipteams bond and develop a strong and trusted peer to peer network.

Details, facts and figures

No sailing skills required. You need to be mentally and physically fit for sailing. Trainees are part of the crew and will be required to engage in navigating the boat. Personal floating devices are on board for each training participant, and you might be asked to wear personal safety gear depending on weather conditions. Onboard safety training will be provided; safety on board is paramount!

Maximum number of participants: 8
Cabins: 4 cabins, 2 trainees max per cabin
Training duration: 16 training units

Bed sheets, pillows, and blankets will be provided; please bring towels, all personal hygiene products, and personal medication as needed.

This is an outdoor activity. We are on the water and directly exposed to the weather conditions. Please take this into account when choosing your clothing; bring sun protection and protection against cold and wet weather as expected according to the weather forecast.


  • During the week: Arrival on any day between Monday and Wednesday for afternoon training kick-off, sailing the next day, and returning on the third training day by noon.
  • Over a weekend: Arrival at the boat Friday afternoon and training start, sailing Saturday with an overnight stop at a marina. Close out Sunday noon, departure home.

Course fee: Roughly EUR 3490.- (excl. VAT) for 8 training units and crew.
Snacks and drinks are available on board and included in the course fee. Port fees and fuel are included.

Options on how to enhance and individualize your experience:

There are ways to individualize your training. Whatever difficulty level you choose, the goal is to enhance your training experience to the optimal level. There is no right or wrong; the aim is to find the right balance between challenge and comfort:

1) Leave and/or sail during night-hours:

Darkness, tired-ness, uncertainty, all these are stressors that make sailing at night a challenging experience. If the weather and overall conditions allow, you can ask us to plan for at least one leg during night hours. The boat is equipped with automated identification system (AIS), radar and red light headlamps.

2) Phones and digital devices away:

Sailing on the open water is an experience by itself. Reaching a destination is important and how you get there is part of the overall experience. Reflection, exchange, discussion reach a different level if you truly disconnect from land, from routine, from social contacts that you are used to see and hear almost every day. You can choose to put away your digital devices for a limited period of time, or, during the entire sailing trip. 

3) Cooking on board:

You can choose whether you would like to go out and enjoy hospitality on land as a group, or, do your own cooking on board. We do have recipes available that can be used to create delicious meals. There is a gimbled gas-oven and also a three cocker stove ready to use. Shopping and preparation can be part of your team experience. 

4) Timing of your event throughout the year: 

Weather conditions will always vary; however, the likelihood of strong or light winds, rain or sunshine, and warmth or cold is heavily dependent on the season. You may choose to schedule your leadership training experience from March until the end of November.

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